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Bramble Bay Candle Company

B&B Australian Made Home Care Pack

B&B Australian Made Home Care Pack

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Try everything with our  Australian Made Home Care Pack!

  • 2 x Hand Sanitisers
  • 1 x Surface Spray
  • 1 x Hand Wash
  • 1 x Room Refresh

We wanted to design a collection that could be used by any Australian - every day, whether sunshine, fire or flood or drought. With water being a precious commodity in our sunburnt country our Home Care Pack we wanted to give everyone a way to wash, sanitise and freshen their home and hands.

Hand Sanitiser - Our gentle water-based sanitiser uses Benzalkonium Chloride and is 99% effective on germs.  Perfect for home, shopping and the car.

Surface Spray - our commercial-grade disinfect uses the same active ingredients used in child care centres and senior homes.  A light floral fragrance also refreshes as well as it cleans

Hand Wash - our Antibacterial Hand Wash is tough on germs while being very gentle on hands.

Room Refresh - Give a stuffy lived-in home a fresh and inviting fragrance with just a spritz or two.  Safe for fabrics, carpets and drapes.


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