Where is Bramble Bay?

Where is Bramble Bay?

It’s not just a beautiful Australian made candle, it’s also a beautiful place.
Follow the Deagon Deviation north of Brisbane, and you’ll cross the waters of the Bramble Bay. The Ted Smout Memorial Bridge takes you into the scenic Redcliffe Peninsula. Here is where you find the Bramble Bay Candle Co.

Head away from the foreshore and follow the highway slightly west. If the breeze is right, you may just get a hint of some wonderful fragrances. We kid, but we didn’t just happen along an empty facility in Clontarf. Our site was chosen specifically to house our candle factory. We were inspired by the waters of Bramble Bay and the community spirit shown by the citizens of the Moreton Bay Region.

A wonderful aroma fills our factory. You can smell a beautiful fragrance on any given day. We have a fragrance maestro who masterfully blends our fragrance and essential oils. She follows an exacting standard. The results are a triple-blended Australian soy wax candle designed to lift, relax, invigorate or inspire – because of the blend. The soy wax is then hand poured into beautiful glass vessels. We say that every Bramble Bay Candle Co candle is “Made with Love”.

We hope that every time you light a Bramble Bay Designer Collection candle, you feel a little bit of that love as the flame burns and the soy wax gently melts. Most of all, you’ll feel the warmth and the splendour of the beautiful Bramble Bay, here in sunny Queensland, but now in your own home. Please check out our Designer and Inspiration Collections of soy wax candles, wax melts and reed diffusers to find your perfect scent.

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