New Products

New Products

We spend a lot of time trialing fragrances at the Bramble Bay Candle Company. Not every fragrance is acceptable!
We are so excited to premier four new Designer fragrances to the Bramble Bay family.

Our fragrances are chosen with a great deal of care. This means when we look for a type of scent to fill out our range, we research what appeal we want we to create. For example, in our new Buttercream Vanilla, not just any vanilla would do. There were many vanillas that didn’t make the grade. So without further ado, please let us present our four new Designer fragrances.

Lotus Flower – Romantic white lotus is spiced with patchouli for a sensual and mysterious fragrance. Its perfect for a date night, or a romantic rendezvous. This candle will leave a lasting impression.

Sakura Blossom – Sakura Blossom is one of our favourite new fragrances. It is a classic floral, with the soft smell of perfumed cherry blossoms. The fragrance is rounded by heavenly lily-of the-valley. We’ve added just a pop of pink peppercorn to give a little bit of lift and charm. This is a delightful candle that you’ll want to burn every day.

Vanilla Buttercream – Vanilla Buttercream is a special fragrance and was created to evoke a warm and beautiful home. We’ve paired a sophisticated and rich buttermilk with a spicy and woodsy vanilla, yet to keep the scent from being an actual dessert, the addition of musk makes for a surprisingly sensual experience.

Lime and Coconut – This isn’t your typical Lime and Coconut candle. We’ve forgone the rum and instead created a zesty and uplifting scent to energise you and your home. This is due to the addition of lemon verbena along with the lime!

We hope that you welcome these fragrances into your home and love them as much as we do. Please make sure to give us a review when you do!
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